For the past twenty-one years, Thomas R. Cutler has been named Manufacturing Journalist of the Year every year, authoring more than 1000 feature articles annually.

Cutler tells the extraordinary narrative of manufacturers. There are great companies making great products. There are great technology solutions including Industry 4.0, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. Cutler is quite vocal that there are too many manufacturers and companies serving the manufacturing sector that have simply neglected to tell their story. Cutler's goal is to tell these manufacturing stories in an interesting, dynamic, understandable, and relevant way.

TR Cutler has a long list of impressive accomplishments:

  • Cutler founded the Manufacturing Media Consortium in 1999. This is a group of more than 8000 plus journalists, editors, economist, and experts worldwide writing about trends, data, case studies, profiles, and features in the manufacturing and industrial sector. Cutler works with thousands of media outlets to expand manufacturing media coverage. From editors, freelance journalists, and staff reporters, TR Cutler, Inc. has become the vital resource for media coverage in the manufacturing, distribution, material handling, and industrial sectors.
  • Cutler created the Manufacturing Media Blitz, a comprehensive 120-day program allowing manufacturers with little web presence or with a new product introduction to go from zero to sixty in a short-term PR campaign.
  • Cutler has authored more than 8000 articles for a wide range of manufacturing, industrial, and business journals, dailies, and trade B2B publications.
  • Cutler authored The Manufacturer's Media Guide in 2000, which quickly became the key media resource guide for manufacturers seeking coverage. It is now celebrating its seventh reprint in 2019.
  • Cutler became the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Manufacturing Profiles in 2003. The quarterly publication profiles extensive technology transformations experienced by a wide range of manufacturers worldwide. The publication is widely respected in the manufacturing community with a certified circulation of 50,000.
  • Cutler established a Manufacturing Marketing Research Division dedicated to measuring the pulse of the manufacturing sector, particularly those manufacturers which are privately held and rarely accounted for when gauging the industry sentiment. Quarterly trend data among private sector manufacturers is frequently reported in the national and international media.
  • Cutler is a Contributing Editor to hundreds of manufacturing trade journals and leading business publications. A sample of these publications appears on the home page of TR Cutler, Inc. Since 2005 Cutler has been the most published freelance manufacturing journalist worldwide.
  • Cutler has produced two television shows regarding the manufacturing sector, one on behalf of the MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership), as well as host of Kanbanversations. Cutler coordinates podcasts for Quality Digest, Robotics & Automation News, WAM (Women and Manufacturing), and Manufacturing Talk Radio.
  • The staff of TR Cutler, Inc. consists of 45 professionals globally. The talented, creative, and hard-working staff of TR Cutler, Inc. consists of journalists, marketing researchers, media analysts, fact-checkers, industry specialists, and technologists.

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