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TMR Market Intelligence:

TR Cutler, Inc. Market Research (TMR) is a full-service market intelligence firm specializing in syndicated research, custom research, and consulting services. TMR boasts market research expertise across the Materials Handling, Technology and Media, Food and Beverages, Semiconductor and Electronics, Consumer Goods, and Shipping and Transportation industries. The company draws from its multi-disciplinary capabilities and high-pedigree team of analysts to share data that precisely corresponds to clients' business needs. TMR stands committed to bringing more accuracy and speed to clients' business decisions. From ready-to-purchase market research reports to customized research solutions, TMR's engagement models are highly flexible without compromising deep-seated research values.

The Manufacturing Media Blitz:

Six month media blitz to create heightened product or corporate awareness. The result is a dramatic increase is web presence, media presence, and drives potential customer inquiry and secures a strong branding and leadership positioning in the market. (Note: this almost always leads to The Manufacturing Media Campaign.)

The Manufacturing Media Campaign:

A one year PR and Marketing outreach program that consistently and constantly creates a corporate presence, product presence, leadership presence, web presence, and provides regular feature media coverage throughout. This program is ideal for companies with new client announcements, new product announcements, competitive analysis, industry positioning, and long-term growth strategies. Lead generation and web traffic is a quantifiable result of this methodology.

The Unexplored Manufacturing Marketing Paradigm:

Although the largest manufacturing PR firm worldwide, TR Cutler, Inc. is a dynamic organization ready and willing to explore the unexplored manufacturing marketing paradigm. New approaches, new methods, and alternative possibilities are the hallmark of the organization. There is fearlessness available to the clients of TR Cutler, Inc. A worldwide staff of more than forty manufacturing marketing professionals is unique and completely valuable to clients.

Development of Blog and Social Media Content:

TR Cutler, Inc. now offers an aggressive social media campaign coordinated to cross-promote the impacts of authored and published feature articles, news content, and creation of regular blog content. Cutler´┐Żs team will blend all the communications messaging to ensure maximum media awareness, branding consistency, and lead generation processes to create abbreviated sales cycles driving increased cash flow and expanded sales reach and coordination among the target customers.

Quarterly Newsletters:

TR Cutler, Inc. generates internal quarterly newsletters for clients. These newsletters are used to keep the lines of communication open with existing clients as well as create a vehicle for advancing the sales cycle for prospective clients. This marketing outreach element is for proactive clients who recognize the value of cross-promotion via newsletters with an aggressive PR and feature article communication campaign.

Episodic Television Production/Video/Photography:

Increasingly manufacturing executives have made it clear they are less willing to commit to time ready lengthy case studies, white papers, and attending hour long webinars. As a result TR Cutler, Inc. has created a new division of the firm that allows manufacturers to tell their stories in 1 minute videos; episodic television stories which are then aggressively cross-promoted via social media and PR.

The video case studies and photograph enhance the messaging in the nearly 1000 feature articles both Thomas R. Cutler and the members of the Manufacturing Media Consortium author annually.

This added service allows a new kind of hyper-responsive approach to ensure that matches the often short attention span of industrial leaders today.

Cutler has assemble a team of visual media specialists both in video production and photographic production.

It is the very best of lean manufacturing, communicating with the least amount of waste.

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