Industrial Leadership Coaching
Suzen Fiskin

TR Cutler, Inc. has seen a dramatic uptick in the demand for Industrial Leadership Coaching.

Because nature abhors a vacuum, the company has established a new division helping guide industrial leaders navigate the trials and tribulations of the current state and guide them into a dynamic, meaningful, and profitable future state.

Value Stream Mapping is more than is about leadership and people. In a time when engaging workers is difficult, the ability to identify the company challenges, espouse company goals from inclusion to compassion, and generate the best products by the best people requires an objective and concise coaching expert.

The process starts with experts. For more than three decades Thomas R. Cutler has known and worked with coaching pioneer Suzen Fiskin who will head this new division. Suzen has been a pioneer in listening and constructively guiding business leaders with warmth, compassion, and rigor.

Great coaching starts with an assessment according to Suzen. "As all industrial leaders know, if you cannot measure it, it does not exist. Getting clear about what success means, looks like, and the intentionality of producing results is vital. The fluidity of world conditions requires a kind of focus, agility, and accountability that is best accomplished with individualized leadership coaching."

Cutler expects many of the company's existing clients will avail themselves of this service. Some will engage coaching for a short-term corrective action; others will have an on-going objective mechanism to drive the best from themselves as leaders and inspire the best results from their teams.

Coaching programs can be 90-days to one year. Coaching industrial leadership is part of the solution, a hallmark of TR Cutler, Inc., celebrating years in business.

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