For the past years, Thomas R. Cutler has been named Manufacturing Journalist of the Year each year, authoring more than 1000 feature articles annually.

Cutler tells the extraordinary narrative of manufacturers, distributors, wholesales, and other industrial leaders. There are great companies making great products. There are great technology solutions including Industry 4.0, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. The issues of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), MES, MOM, S&OP, Pricing Optimization, ERP, Robotics, Automation are critical and ever-changing. Cutler is quite vocal that there are too many manufacturers and companies serving the manufacturing sector that have simply neglected to tell their story. Cutler's goal is to tell these manufacturing stories in an interesting, dynamic, understandable, and relevant way.

In 2021 Cutler added two new divisions, one addresses the growing trend of Generation Z and their impact on the industrial sector, and one examines the growing role of Africa in the manufacturing sector.

Cutler founded the Manufacturing Media Consortium in 1999. This is a group of more than 9000 plus journalists, editors, economist, and experts worldwide writing about trends, data, case studies, profiles, and features in the manufacturing and industrial sector. Cutler works with thousands of media outlets to expand manufacturing media coverage. From editors, freelance journalists, and staff reporters, TR Cutler, Inc. has become the vital resource for media coverage in the manufacturing, distribution, material handling, and industrial sectors.

Other accomplishments include: