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Integrated manufacturing communication elements:
  • In-depth podcast interviews
  • Guest editorial contributor status
  • Regular thought leadership positioning utilizing:
    • Manufacturing Talk Radio
    • The WAM Podcast (Women And Manufacturing)
    • Manufacturing Outlook ezine
    • Where's Willie
    • Full Time with Amy Nicklaus
    • Manufacturing Matters with Cliff Waldman
All content cross-promoted via PR and Twitter from both Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler and Jacket Media
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Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, founder of the 7000-member Manufacturing Media Consortium and the CEO of TR Cutler, Inc. announced the formal strategic alliance with Jacket Media, Lewis Weiss, Founder, President, and CEO

Weiss, best known as the host of Manufacturing Talk Radio, the leading industrial podcast for the past six years, with more than 400 guests and more than a million downloads the show has gained wide respect and audience.

Jacket Media, The Manufacturing & Business Podcast Network includes Manufacturing Talk Radio, The WAM Podcast (Women And Manufacturing), Manufacturing Outlook ezine, Where's Willie, Full Time with Amy Nicklaus, and Manufacturing Matters with Cliff Waldman.

Cutler commented, "Creating this formal alliance between our organizations permits media leadership for the industrial sector. The ability to distribute and promote content via social media, cross-promotional public relations, and further establish best-in-class leading manufacturing content establishes a unique value proposition."

According to Lewis Weiss, his vision and personal experience in the manufacturing sector inspired him to keep manufacturing front and center. He realized Cutler's passion for the industry was well-suited to form an alliance. This new partnership will offer comprehensive and varied integrated marketing outreach. A formal sponsorship program will be launched in early Q2 2020.


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